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Hello & Happy Sunday!

Good evening, morning, afternoon and the like, everyone.

First and foremost, a big thank you to those who followed me. I’m still trying to build network, and follow blogs that I find interesting and those that share my interests despite the fact that my website is under construction. Although, that is a topic that I will talk about at the end of this post. Again, a big thank you! ❤


Second – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY (Dead or Alive). Despite everything, and that sometimes my father gets on my nerves; I still hold him dear and he still means so much to me. I’d like to think that I owe him his gift.  In the mean time, I’ll gift wrap my love and admiration, and give them to him. What did YOU do for father’s day? Feel free to comment down below, and share ways you spend/t the day with your dad.

Third – My website, and the fact that it is under construction.


Background story:

For months, I thought about creating a website. I managed, but the web was never quite what I wanted so I tried to go about it professionally. That took too long, and I talked it out with someone I work for; she told me that creating a website for the first time is never easy, considering the time you have to put into it, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be perfect either. Instead of waiting any longer, I got on WordPress one day, thinking that I am just going to create an account, so that it will take less time to build for whenever he (meaning the professional who was going to create my website) is ready. But then I started to play around with it on my own, and voila!

My perfectly imperfect site.

See the thing is, I helped many for years; it started on Wattpad, and then offline. I’ve had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, whether young or adults by being part of the community, through book clubs I’ve run, contests, and/or any activity that I could think of to get others engaged & involved. I’ve got a lot of good feedback, support and encouragement to go beyond. I wanted to, but too much was going on, and I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish or put my whole heart and attention into.

So I put it off for some time.

And then, there was Goodreads where I also met couple people through beta reading; I’ve always used it to look up the plot of a book that I am going to read or its series, but I never knew that there was this whole other world in it – so many things that could be done, and/or said. I created an account (after years of trying not to), explored, explored some more & stumbled upon this group called Beta Reader Group Goodreads. It’s been amazing and good to me especially some of the members I’ve met.

I’ve met and people have asked for help on Facebook too, and thus I’ve decided to branch out and do more. Offer more. And meet more awesome people beyond Facebook, Goodreads, Wattpad and/or any other social media that I have.

On another note, I had a busy week – work and all that so I have not been able to post anything on here. That, and the fact that this is my first ‘fancy’ blog ever, and so I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make it active, and welcoming. For the most part, it is still under construction – that’s another reason why I haven’t post and so for the moment; I will be following, observing, and engaging/networking with other bloggers until I can come up with a schedule of when  I can post, and not be inactive for long periods of time. As mentioned, I don’t want to start something and not finish – I’m willing to take this one step at a time and make it work. Bare with me.

Until then, thanks for your patience and I look forward to being friends and/or acquaintances. Happy Sunday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hello & Happy Sunday!”

  1. Hello. I struggled for a while with the idea of building a website. I wanted something separate for social media to get my painting and pies out there. My girlfriend got me a url and I got some web building/design books. But then I found all the templates out there. It took some time for the initial setup, but less than expected. The ongoing maintenance is a breeze. Doing it yourself is cheap. Jump on in!


    1. Yeah, I could understand that. I just wanted mine to be perfect, but I guess it didn’t have to be perfect as long as I created it in a way that gets my ideas across. I took a step and that’s what matters. I’d advice the same. At the end of the day, if you find people who likes it, then so be it, but really it’s about what you like and what YOU want. Good luck 🍀


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