Hi & welcome  to Genie Reads!

My name is Medgine, but my friends call me Genie. I am a college student who loves to watch Japanese anime, play video games, read, write, explore and be adventurous when I have some free time. Aside from working offline, I freelance by doing beta read, and some proofreading on Goodreads and Facebook. I am outgoing, friendly, reliable; I work hard at anything I do, and I don’t give up easily.

As an avid reader, it is a pleasure to be a part of the team who brings up a book to its highest potential. Because of my passion and what started out as a hobby, beta reading/proofreading became more than just that and I’ve received a lot of good reviews and outside support/encouragement to pursue this as an actual thing. And so, I’ve started to take the lead and put my effort into making said dream a reality.

This blog is one of the stepping stones towards my goal.


This blog is somewhat the image of me and what I do, but it also consist services that I offer. Other than business, there will be other posts that are business like or not business like. For example, one day I might post something I did during the day, another could be an activity or something blog related (e.g. a new laptop or tablet I got purposely for the services that I offer. If allowed and/or approved by the client, then I will post every other day proof/beta reading progress). I might also post things about me as an individual.

Future wise, I might do book reviews and/or book recommendations, author interviews, advertisement (e.g. products, items, books that has just been published) and more. If I read your story, and I like it and there’s a particular scene or item within the book that I would want physically, then I might get it – whether men made and post it.

Stay posted! 🙂