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Beta Reader vs. Teacher

Hello, Everyone

It’s me, Genie. I hope so far your week is going great, and that all of you had a nice 4th of July. If I have not said it already, then:


I did a lot and for the first time ever! I went to see fireworks. It was amazing, and the ending was perfectly imperfect. On another note, I’ve worked and found a better way to assist authors and writers. How? Print out beta reading except that I don’t feel like a reader, more like a teacher. How? I’ll get right on that.


As you all know, I am a beta reader and proofreader. My services is displayed here on WordPress among other places (Facebook, Goodreads) and the terms and conditions stated that I will print out a manuscript, do what it is that I am supposed to do, and then go online (word document) and post the edits on the actual manuscript from the hard copy. During my week off for the holiday, I’ve been up and down, left and right, trying to print out a manuscript that a client sent me.

Finally, yesterday (7/5/17), the store was open and I got to print out her story. It was 329 PAGES!!!!! I was shocked when the guy told me. He asked me, “Did you know that this is 329 pages?” I said, “No.” I really didn’t. I received the script, downloaded it on my phone and did not see how many pages it was.

And the guy had the nerve to ask me how many copies. Like -.- seriously?

Moving on, it cost me 25$ to print the whole thing.

I also bought a folder, colored pen, highlighters, stick note pads – let’s just say that I am in it to win it. After all, it is MY job to make sure that my client is satisfied.


That I did!

I started to work on the manuscript before my doctor’s appointment today (7/6/17), and I would like to share with you all how a manuscript would look like (hopefully) by the time that I am done with it, okay? Okay.

What’s included:

  • Comments, statements, rewrite if any, corrections,  highlights that are color coded either to mean that there is something that I don’t understand, that is interesting or that I, myself, need to look up and do research on.
  • Pointers and/or guidelines.
  • Note pads with a review on it that could either be about a specific thing or the chapter and/or story overall.

Do I feel like a beta reader? No, more like a teacher. Which in and of itself is a good thing because it helps me practice for the long run when I do become a real teacher. It’s also a good thing because I don’t become dependent on the features that comes along with word documents such as the track feature or the comment section.

An  Example:

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Mind you that I asked for permission before I posted these. With writers’ permission, I intend on sharing the kind of service you’ll receive if you hire me 🙂

If interested in having your manuscript done this way, know that it’ll cost an additional amount of money. If I get 85$ to do a project, and it cost 20 or over 20$ to print out, then it’ll be 85$ PLUS the amount it cost to print out. I will call the store and ask. I’m willing to pay my own money though if the price is lower than 20+$.

Have a good day.

P.S. My birthday is coming up (3 week from now), and I’m trying to purchase this:

My laptop is 2-in-1, but I don’t feel safe being out in the open with it for its size even though I would like to read while on the road. How cool would this be? Or am I wasting my time, and money? Any thoughts or input. Please and thank you.



Wattpad – Undiscovered Gems

Source: Wattpad – Undiscovered Gems

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a project for wattpadders, and I would love and appreciate anyone who could like and/or share this. Please and thank you 🙂