Wattpad – Undiscovered Gems

Dear Wattpaders,


Over the years, I have helped many of you – book clubs, being a part of the community, reading awesome stories willingly or as a request. Through and through, I have met a lot of awesome, weird, cool and not so cool members. Unfortunately, life has a way of meddling into things that’s none of its business so I have not been on Wattpad for a while despite the fact that I have come online and do check out things now and again. After all, most of the time, I wake up to you guys blowing up my phone liking and commenting on my stuff. Yes, I notice *-* Quite frankly, I didn’t/don’t have it in me to just delete the app (I have not used it to its full potential in months!).  Even though my phone is full of junk and that I should delete some stuff (like seriously!).

But anyways! While I was on hiatus, I’ve done great things, experienced life as an adult, had TWO surgeries, took a semester off, worked hard, met quite a few online and offline and in the process, I got on with an amazing guy. Oh, and I got to do one or two of my interests/passions through writing. I get to read books, published and unpublished while helping others improve their writing. It has all been amazing. And now -drum roll- for the real purpose of this post. As mentioned, I’ve had the chance to do great things (I feel that they are) by doing what I love:

Reading and writing.

As a beta reader and proofreader.

I’ve decided to spread the love beyond my wildest dreams and this is where you Wattpaders come in. I am giving you guys, especially undiscovered gems and those that might have or are in the process of entering the Wattys and/or NaNoWrimo, the opportunity to get your stories discovered and noticed, which could happen beta-ly or through proofreading. Not only that, but you also get to improve your writing, which increases the chance for your story to get picked and/or interested for someone to read it. What I mean by that is, as a writer,  it is good to get new and fresh perspective – being advised, being guided, being helped and making sure that your hard work is up to its highest potential. Personally, I know how frustrated that can be – writing and finding errors, the plot not making sense or mismatched to the actual story, or the story overall that is well-written, but missing something.


Hopefully I can help with that. My goal is to help with all of that.

It is is free of charge. I do charge for my services just so you know, but this is specially made for Wattpad members only. By joining or by getting on board, there are many benefits, which will be discussed at some point but first, let’s start with the basics like;


Beta Reading/Proofreading

I will:

  • Locate and correct errors
  • Give constructive and in-depth criticism
  • Give useful feedback
  • Tell you my opinion, which involves a reader’s report on the reading overall
  • Write comments from a reader and editor’s point of view
  • Give guidelines (pointers on how to improve the story or issues to be fixed)


  1. I will only accept stories that are at least 30,000 words, and that include short stories. Single or double spaced – most likely double if I plan on printing out a hard copy (that will be discussed), Times New Roman, 12 font., Word or Google docs. If you send your story through Google docs, make it downloadable.
  2. Everything should be emailed, which will be provided.
  3. I will accept LGBTQ stories, action, erotica, mystery/thriller, paranormal, vampire/werewolf and maybe chick-lit.


  • I won’t accept poems, non-fiction, history (unless stated otherwise), self-help books, children stories, scary or horror unless it is significant to the story, violence (e.g. rape, abuse and such) especially against women. I don’t mind if it’s a scene or two, but if the story revolves around it, then no. No exceptions.
  • I wont accept classics, general fiction, humor (although, it depends on the plot and how the story goes, and I might consider it), random and/or spiritual stories ESPECIALLY if it has anything to do with religion.
  • I won’t accept terrible writings – text words like u instead of you, wat instead of what, nth instead of nothing, incomplete and/or broken sentences or words.

Prior to this, I did mention that there are benefits to joining this program (let’s call it a program) and the benefits are:

  • A book that I end up liking, maybe more than I should, will be featured on my blog, and I will boost (e.g. advertise, post and recommend) your story on any social media that I have like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the likes (even Wattpad) for THREE DAYS!!!
  • Depending on how things are, how far things goes  and members not being way way way too far from me; there will be a contest and whoever wins get real prices. Also, I mentioned this somewhere on my site, but if I read your story and there’s something that attracts me (e.g. an item, favorite quote, a moment, but more of something physical or obtainable), then I will personally get that men made. For example, let’s say there’s a quote that I like in your story, then I could get a shirt made with that quote on the cover along with your real name (maybe just the first name or your initials) or your Wattpad name along with the Wattpad logo, and I will display it to the world among other places.
  • This is not guaranteed yet due to the fact that in order to do it, then I’ll have to be close to you like on a level of friendship, but if we get to that point and we’re cool; we might have funny moments. Funny moments could be something like (for example) you sending me a funny or silly picture of you, maybe doing your favorite thing, and I will post it. By its side, there will be 5-10 facts about you. Whoever’s silly moments get a lot of likes or votes, I will pretend to be that person for a day.

And of course, all of those will be done with your permission.

In order to get or do all that, there are requirements:

  1. Person, persons has to be responsible and dependable.
  2. Anyone on board has to be patient. That includes me.
  3. You have to be organized – you as a person and your story also. I have to be able to read it.
  4. Complete stories ONLY! Incomplete stories will be charged, which means that you pay me actual money to read your story because if you have a story that is 10 chapters for example and you have more chapters to come, and then you want me to read the story again as you complete it – that’s time consuming. Let’s say that I read the 10 chapters, and it takes you like a month, or so or less to complete 3 to 5 more chapters. You come back to me and ask me to read the following chapters, then I’ll have to re-read the previous 10 that I already read because by then I may or may not remember everything that happened before. Time is money, and considering that I work and have school coming up – I just can’t.
  5. Order.  I won’t tolerate being ganged up on if you’re the one not following the rules and/or guidelines. If you don’t understand something, ask questions. Need assistance, ask. I’ve dealt with people like this before and I don’t want to again.
  6. Don’t be a ghost. It is necessary for you to be available in case there are any questions or issues to discuss. Vice versa.
  7. My goal is to help you reach your own goal whether that is to get more reads, votes, constructive criticism, and/or whatever help you need so don’t make it hard on the both of us.

If interested, I will need you to do THREE simple things, which are:

  • Follow my blog, and social media accounts I have – Wattpad included.
  • Share the deeds that I am trying to do for fellow Wattpaders. Although, only if you are satisfied and you wouldn’t mind recommending me.
  • Leave reviews – here on WordPress or on my Facebook  page.

I hope to see you soon, and I look forward to working with you 🙂

P.S. I have a right to reject any stories regardless if they meet the requirements or not.